Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has decided to cancel all classroom lectures for the rest of the year. The institute announced the decision on Wednesday and said that all the classes for the next semester will be done fully online so as to not compromise on the safety of the students.

With this decision, IIT Bombay has become the first major institute to do so. The institute has also decided to open a donation fund to help students who are from economically weaker background to get necessary technology so they can participate in the online classes.

Making the announcement, Director of IIT Bombay Subhasis Chaudhuri said, “after a long deliberation in the Senate, we have decided today that the next semester will be run purely in the online mode so that there is no compromise on the safety and well being of the students.”

Talking about the rationale of the decision, Chaudhuri said, “The COVID Pandemic has made us at IIT Bombay rethink the way we impart education to our students. To ensure that our students begin the academic year without further delay, we are planning on extensive online classes details of which will be informed to all students in due course of time.”

The director added, “We have estimated that we need about Rs 5 crores to help those needy students. Our alumni have committed a good amount of support, but that is not enough for all these needy students and I solicit through this message your donations, however small it may be. I am sure that these beneficiaries of your philanthropy will in future contribute significantly to the growth of our Nation.”