University Grants Commission (UGC) released a status report on final year examination status at various central and private universities on Thursday. Out of a total number of 993 universities, 512 universities have not yet decided or are yet to inform on conducting the final year exam, according to

UGC said that the Commission had asked for the status of final year examination from all the universities around 10 days ago. A total number of 182 universities have already conducted the exam and 272 universities have plans to conduct the exam in the future, adds the report.

The report said, “Another 177 universities have informed the regulator that they are yet to decide on the conduct of the examination. There are no final year students in 27 private universities which were only established last year. The remaining universities are yet to respond.”

With regard to the state universities, the report said only 251 out of a total number of 412 State universities have responded so far but the Commission declined to reveal their responses.

UGC member secretary Rajnish Jain said to the outlet there is no deadline for the response time. The Commission is still in the process of collecting and compiling all the information from various universities.

Jain said that the exercise is being conducted to determine the preparedness of the universities to conduct the final year examinations before September 30, as per the guidelines issued by the UGC on July 6.

Several states have defied the UGC guidelines and said that they will be cancelling the all the university and college examinations in the state amid the COVID-19 crisis. Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana have announced the cancellation of all the exams.

UGC had issued guidelines on July 6 asking universities to conduct the final year examinations. Several states and student bodies have requested the Commission to reconsider the decision amidst the growing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Commission has said several times since then that the final year exam is must for all universities.