West Bengal state government has requested state universities to conduct the final year exams in the universities in the month of October, according to NDTV. After the Supreme Court verdict that universities have to follow the UGC mandate but states can request for extensions, this decision was taken by the government.

UGC had asked all the universities to conduct the final year exams before September 30. However, many states said that conducting exams amid the pandemic will put the safety and well-being of students in jeopardy. SC said that states can request for deadline extension but the final decision on whether to give the extension still lies with the Commission.

The state government has asked the state universities to conduct the exams from October 1 to October 18. NDTV reports that Partha Chatterjee earlier in the day said that it was decided unanimously in a meeting with VCs that the exams will be conducted in the month of October.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said after the Court’s verdict, “I have told our Education minister to look into the possibility of conducting the final-year exams in universities and colleges before Durga Puja in October. The options of both online and offline exams should be looked into,” adds the report.

Earlier, Jadhavpur University and Presidency College had decided to do away with conducting the exam and to promote students based on previous performance. The said arrangement is no longer valid and these institutions will have to conduct the exams.

The report said that universities will make arrangements for conducting the exams following all COVID-19 precautions. The decision on the same will be taken after consulting all the stakeholders.