Mumbai University has decided to conduct all the final year UG and PG exams for 50 marks and the duration of the exams will be 1 hour. The decision was reached after a series of meetings conducted on Saturday, reports Times of India.

The report says that the practical and viva exams will be conducted by the colleges online and all the exams can be given by the students from their home.

Apart from MU, other universities in the state are inclining to follow the lead, adds the report. All the exams will be Multiple-Choice Question based. The theory exams will be conducted from October 1 to October 17.

The practical and viva exams will be conducted by the colleges from September 15 and backlog exams are scheduled for September 25 to September 30, reports TOI.

College heads have been asked to map their students initially to get acquainted with the kind of technology they have access to and whether they can participate in these exams.

The first round of exams will be for students who are able to participate in an online exam. For other students, a second round of exam will be conducted, details of which will be released soon.

Since the format of the exam is MCQ, it is expected that the scores will be available instantly and the colleges will have to send the scores to the university within 2-3 days, adds the report.

The report says that some members have expressed scepticism regarding the usefulness of such exams; however, most universities are expected to follow the format, reports TOI.