Every year, March 8 is observed as International Women’s Day. The day celebrates women’s uniqueness, strength, and the journey they have taken to create a better future and world for everyone.

The day also commemorates the social, economic, political, and cultural achievements of women around the globe. It was a gathering more than a century ago in 1911 where the idea of Women’s Day first occurred.

History of International Women’s Day:

International Women’s Day first emerged from the activities of labour movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. In the year 1909, the first Women’s Day was celebrated in the United States on February 28. The Socialist Party of America designated this day in honour of the 1908 garment workers’ strike in New York, where women protested against working conditions.

The following year, 1910, the Socialist International meeting in Copenhagen established a Women’s Day to honour the movement for women’s rights and to build support for achieving universal suffrage for women. There was no fixed date that was decided at this meeting. In 1911, Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland celebrated International Women’s Day on March 19.

It was in the year 1975 that the United States celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8.

Theme for International Women’s Day 2021:

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”.

“Women stand at the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, as health care workers, caregivers, innovators, community organizers and as some of the most exemplary and effective national leaders in combating the pandemic. The crisis has highlighted both the centrality of their contributions and the disproportionate burdens that women carry.

“The day celebrates the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic,” read the statement by United Nations.

President Ram Nath Kovind took to Twitter to greet women on the occasion.

“Women in our country are setting new records and achievements in various fields. Let us collectively resolve to promote gender justice and eliminate inequality between women and men,” he Tweeted.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also took to Twitter and wished all the women on the occasion.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021, Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal interacted with girl students, women Vice-Chancellors of Universities, and women Principals of colleges on the topic—Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.