It has been tumultous week in Sri Lanka, and it is only Wednesday. Shoot-on-sight orders have been issued as violence followed Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s resignation on Monday. At least eight people have died, including a ruling party MP.

The military and police have been granted sweeping emergency powers to detain and arrest people without warrant.

The prime minister’s resignation has done little to quell public outrage against the Rajapaksa family who hold many of the most important positions in government. The protesters, angered by the incompetence that has wrecked the country’s economy, are determined to continue their agitation till President Gotabaya Rajapaksa resigns as well.

Here’s how cartoonists have viewed the situation.

Some suggested that the change could be imminent in the entire region.

Despite the turmoil, the resignation of Mahinda Rajapaksa, once celebrated for his role in ending the country’s civil war and brutally eliminating the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam militant group, marks a significant turning point.

One satirist found it ironic that one of the most powerful leaders of Sri Lanka had to evacuated from his Temple Trees residence by the military. Others noted the violence by government supporters soon after Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned.

Some noted that Gotabaya Rajpaksa continues to cling to power despite widespread protests that have called for this resignation. “Go Gota go” has become a viral slogan.

Others referred to the sweeping emergency orders, including imposing a curfew, that have given Gotabaya Rajapaksa even more power even as citizens continue to bear the brunt of the economic crisis.

The difference in the way the authorities acted against peaceful protestors and against government supporters did not escape attention.

That the president chose to sacrifice his brother was also mocked.