Thick smog blanketed Delhi and the rest of the National Capital Region, putting air quality in the “severe” and “hazardous” categories in several areas. Residents woke up on Friday to the second day of ominous greyish orange skies, with toxic haze resulting in poor visibility in different parts of the region.

As the situation alarmed and angered many residents, some took to social media to vent out their frustrations and demand action. A few tried to lighten the mood with humour.

The Delhi administration closed schools and asked 50% of government employees to work from home. But many social media users posted memes and sarcastic videos making jibes about Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, claiming that he was too busy with the election campaign in Gujarat to focus on the crisis in Delhi.

Satirist Ashish Bagchi drew a connection to the large number of people of died of Covid-19 who were buried on river beds.

Some users noted that Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal had changed his position this year now that his Aam Aadmi Party has come to power in nearby Punjab. A significant cause of Delhi’s pollution is crop stubble burning by Punjab’s farmers.

“AAP alone or Kejriwal or governments of Delhi and Punjab alone is not responsible for this,” he said at a press conference on Friday with Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. “Central government has to take steps to reduce pollution.”

To show that the problem has been around for a long time, memes from long ago began to circulate again.