I think this article (“Yes, India’s Constitution has been hijacked – but not by the Supreme Court”) should also be published in Hindi and other regional languages, so people like me can understand it better. The truth of the 21st century is that there is no law and order for poor daily wage workers. They suffer daily and are also unaware of their fundamental rights. – Ratan Kumar


You left-liberals have always misguided this country and are willing to see India end up like Pakistan and Afghanistan. – Vinay Kumar

Constitution of India

The Supreme Court is our only hope to uphold the sanctity of the Constitution (“Government delaying judges’ appointment is deadly for democracy, says former SC judge RF Nariman”). At this point, saving the Constitution is like saving a lamb from a herd of wolves. – Sat Pal Sharma

Food security

Millets held the promise of a climate resilient solution, but crops in Uttarakhand are failing”, made me realise how millets are crucial for the nutritional needs of people, especially the hard-pressed and burdened women of Uttarakhand, where it’s been sacrificed at the altar of fine grains like paddy! – Rakesh Agrawal