This story (“Afraid of arrest, Assam’s pregnant teens skip hospitals, turn to home births and abortion pills”) needs to reach the Gauhati High Court or the Supreme Court of India. It is very urgent. – Krpa Chandru Krishnaswamy


This is a sad reality in India. Child marriages are not new in the country. But instead of spreading awareness among the public, the officials are only enforcing the rules, which are often implemented abruptly. This is only further traumatising an already backward and poor population. The government should instead make people aware of the pros and cons of child marriage. – Jhansi Lakshmi Chinam

Police crackdown

The community activists should help the police in building confidence among the people, rather than sowing seeds of distrust. Then, their role will be more appreciated. Scroll should not create stories out of nothing fishy (“Will Assam’s child marriage arrests undo the work of community activists?”). – Santosh Prasad

Hate speech

These kinds of monks/ people (“‘When will you kill Muslims and Christians?’ monk asks Hindus at Delhi event”) should refrain from speaking in this uncivilised manner and should be arrested by the police without delay for creating ill feelings among communities. How can these people talk so loosely without any concern for humanity? In today’s age, we need to be considerate and approach whatever the problems in a humane way without hurting people in any way. God bless. – Jayaseelan Jegathesan