As India celebrates its 76th Independence Day, it has never seemed so much on the edge. How precisely you view that edge, though, depends on your political perspective.

To some, India appears to be on the cutting edge – ready to take its rightful place as a vishwaguru that has much to teach the world. Many others, however, believe that widening economic inequality and the oppression piled upon the country’s minorities have pushed India to the very brink – and that the future holds only chaos and uncertainty.

As India heads to a national election next year, these differing positions are only likely to grow more intense. Unfortunately, as more media outlets transform themselves into props of the powerful, they are failing to give Indians the multiple perspectives they need to make informed civic and political choices.

At Scroll, as we have previously noted, we believe our role is to safeguard the liberal values enshrined in India’s Constitution by reporting rigorously on developments that many others choose to ignore and presenting clear-eyed analysis of what this all means.

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