We live in a dangerous moment. And not only because the beast of war is rampaging through several parts of the world.

Freedoms are under assault across the board, the freedom of the press in particular. In such a time as this, to borrow from George Orwell, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

That’s what we have endeavored to do as all around us independent news organisations have come under myriad pressures.

In the past six months alone, Scroll has published a volume of insightful, impactful journalism.

Our ongoing coverage of the civil war in Manipur has been easily the most exhaustive and authoritative of any news platform in the country. It’s a reflection of our commitment to cover underreported stories from underreported regions. See a sample of our Manipur coverage.

We also did another investigation into the embattled conglomerate of billionaire Gautam Adani which has been in the eye of a storm since the American company Hindenburg Research accused it of running the “largest con in corporate history”.

And, as ever, we continue to report on India’s seemingly endless descent into bigotry and the escalating crackdown on the news media, as illustrated most recently by the Delhi Police’s raids on NewsClick.

Then there is Common Ground, our ground and investigative reporting project under which we carry a story almost every week. It is a treasure trove of original, in-depth and eye-opening reporting.

Now, as another election season gets rolling, Scroll is hitting the ground in the poll-bound states to bring you clear-eyed perspectives that go beyond the usual politicking and media chatter. We have already published a ground report from Rajasthan and another from Madhya Pradesh. More are on the way.

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