Bill Gates earned his money honestly and has the right to do whatever he wants with it, but many people out there still do not appreciate what Gates and his foundation do for society and the world (“A new book re-examines Bill Gates and Melinda Gates’s philanthropic work”). There are a lot billionaires, besides Gates, but he is the only one who put an effort to build a better world, not with people’s money like taxes, but his own money. He chose to inspire people rather than just live a peaceful life, but I have no idea people on the internet today hate him. There are many billionaires on the Forbes magazine list but we don’t know what they’re doing with their wealth. Herdiansyah Paduppai

Israel and Palestine

There is nothing nuanced about Israel’s policy towards Palestinians and its systematic and determined annihilation of a people who inhabited that land for centuries (“Holding together many truths: An Indian Jewish woman’s perspective on Israel and Gaza”). By turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed again and again for 75 years the world, especially western countries, are just as guilty must to acknowledge their complicity. Or else, what difference is there between Hitler and the so-called guardians of humanitarian values – Catherine Thankamma


I find it difficult to understand how the Israeli government and those supporting it can live with the experience of having witnessed the Jewish Holocaust (“As the war on Gaza rages on, have human rights declarations been buried under the rubble?”). – John Fernandes

Wrestlers courage, sporting achievements

First, congratulations on your objective, intrepid and courageous journalism which brings the truth to the fore. This article (Despite wrestlers’ courage, a culture of fear grips Indian sport) is heart-rending and it is saddening to see what Indian sportspersons have to go through to stay afloat. Politicians and bureaucrats have established such a stranglehold on our sporting bodies that it becomes impossible for athletes to speak out.

Corruption, nepotism, intimidation, favoritism and sexual harassment have become so common that none dare raise their voice, lest their career gets put on hold. It is precisely this reason why Indian athletes fare so poorly at the Olympics and other athletic sporting events. These problems affect other nations’ athletic bodies too, but they have systems which foster and nurture talent rather than ours, which stifles it. – Srinivas Pavan Addanki


Their achievements are hard-earned (Tennis: Leander Paes, Vijay Amritraj become first Asian men elected to Hall of Fame). Success cannot be secured in a short time. Prizes do not say everything. Vijay Amritraj has won fewer medals but he popularised tennis in India. Leander Paes shined in the doubles and mixed doubles games. Their achievements make India proud. – Maheswar Deka

Right decision on Jammu and Kashmir

The Bharatiya Janata Party made the right and bold decision which the Congress did not have the guts to do (“‘Another betrayal’: In Kashmir, dismay, disappointment over Article 370 judgement”). I thank the Supreme Court for approving a long pending need for India. Jammu and Kashmir is a part of India and no foreign land or extremist can claim the land. It may be a betrayal for all activists and extremists supported by certain countries who do not want peace in India. Sridhar TS

Well-deserved awards

Firstly, mighty congratulations to the Scroll team on the wins in the recently held Red Ink awards (“Scroll wins five RedInk Awards for Excellence in Indian Journalism”). They are very well deserved. I would additionally like to commend you on what I believe is a conscious strategy by your platform in desisting from using the “Yogi” word for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath, or Ajay Singh Bisht. Indeed, why elevate this man’s status to sainthood. Words matter and the media has a great position of power, and you know as well as I what comes with great power. Thank you for the responsible work that you do. – Kartik Das.

Editor’s note: This does not just apply to Adityanath. Scroll does not use any honorifics, except for medical doctors on first reference.