Sight is something so vital that losing the ability to see would be an insurmountable handicap for most people. But not for Mahesh Umrania, a professional classical musician and a photographer.

Diagnosed with glaucoma at birth, Umrania, who is now 27, started losing his eyesight when he was four. By seven, he was completely blind. “I remember colors, animals and my house in my village [in Maharashtra's Nandurbar district], but I have forgotten faces and expressions.” said Umrania, who now lives in Mumbai. But he wasn't going to let his blindness come in the way of his passion for photography.

He tells his story to Chhavi Sachdev.

See a selection of Umrania's pictures here.

This piece was produced by Chhavi Sachdev of Sonologue as part of The 24-Hour Radio Race from KCRW's Independent Producer Project, 2013. Follow @chhavi on twitter or visit her web site at