Odisha is gearing up for the fury of cyclone Hudhud. According to the update by the Indian Meteorological Department, the cyclone is expected to accompany heavy rainfall. As it sweeps closer to the coast, the impact will intensify.  At 2.30 pm on Friday, it lay about 470 km east-southeast of Visakhapatnam and 520 km south-southeast of Gopalpur, the Indian Meteorological Department said in its latest bulletin.

Its most recent images show the weather system covering almost the entire Bay of Bengal. Over the weekend, the cyclone is expected to cross the north Andhra Pradesh coast, the met department reported.

Over the last two days, the cyclone has travelled around 1,000 kilometres around the Gopalpur region and resulted in heavy rainfall in several places.  While widespread evacuations have already begun, the met department warns that the cyclone could cause extensive damage to  kutcha houses, as also to power and communication lines.

Here are some pictures which detail the advance of the cyclone.

(Indian Meteorological Department)