What does Shaina NC mean when she says, smilingly, she doesn't know if ‪Mayawati is "he or she"? Let's unpack the "joke".

a) Power itself is a "manly" attribute, unsuited for women.
b) Mayawati isn't married, so she isn't a womanly woman.
c) Mayawati has short hair, so she isn't a womanly woman.
d) Mayawati doesn't walk/talk demurely, so she isn't a womanly woman.
e) Mayawati doesn't dress in saris, so she isn't a womanly woman.
f) She leads her party, so she isn't a womanly woman.This is the mentality of those ghastly gender tests ‒ the one that they conduct when women athletes run too fast for womanly women.

This is misogyny. It displays deep uneasiness, not only with strong independent women, but also with people whose physical appearance and personality don't conform to gender stereotypes.

How scared some people are, when they can't tell if we're "he or she"! Misogyny and transphobia combined in a lethal cocktail.

A sexist remark a day by Bharatiya Janata Party's women leaders (Anandiben, then Shaina) each at events supposedly for women's uplift and empowerment.