Some things just don’t change. Just as they do before the start of every legislative session, protestors gathered at Jantar Mantar in the capital, a mere kilometer away from Parliament House, to express a range of demands and disagreements.  From the All India Transport Department Staff Federation to anganwadi workers demanding their rights, voices were coming out from all corners.

Parliament itself was silent because on the first day of the winter session today as both houses were adjourned to mark the death of former Union Minister Murali Deora. A Congress leader and a Rajya Sabha member, Deora died in Mumbai early on Monday at the age of 77 following a brief illness.

But the debates at Jantar Mantar more than made up for the official inactivity. Many groups had loudspeakers and people from all corners of India were at hand to make their voices heard. The crowd was overwhelmingly composed of woman. Except for the male staff of the All India Transport Department, most of the men visible were there to sell something: snacks, trinkets, flashlights and pictures of the protest.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hopes that this winter session of parliament will be fruitful. There are 67 bills pending before the parliament. Though one day has been lost, the protestors were optimistic that the session will be fruitful. "We voted for Modi, we should get what we want," one person said.

Here are some photos from the protests at Jantar Mantar

Photo credit: Sahil Bhalla