The cancellation of Jerry Seinfeld’s show in Mumbai last week because the police took their time deciding whether the venue had adequate parking space was almost poetic, given that the American comedian's eponymous show Seinfeld has been built upon the exact this sort of dysfunctionality.

There's another coincidence: one of the show’s most-loved episodes, The Parking Garageis a Beckettian drama in which Jerry and the gang spend all their time looking for Kramer’s car in a massive parking lot. The new four worst words in the English language? We have no parking.

Playing on this farce, comedians Rohan Desai and Adhiraj Singh rustled up a quick eight-minute video. Recreating Jerry and George’s neurotic conversations (with Monk's replaced by Cafe Coffee Day), the two comedians discuss the cancellation of Seinfeld’s Mumbai show ‒ even if in the end, true to form, the video turns out to to be a “satire on nothing”.