If you were career coach, what advice would you give Rahul Gandhi? Why do Indians love bans so much? Why did the Indi-pop die at the end of the 1990s?

In a new show for Audiomatic.in, India's first  platform dedicated to producing quality podcasts on a range of topics, veteran journalist Aakar Patel, a regular Scroll columnist, wraps his head around these questions and more.

"Each week," Audiomatic.in promises, "Aakar will answer questions sent to him from across the country on subjects as diverse as politics, current affairs, sports, entertainment and social issues answering them with a unique perspective on things, the way only he can:  Irreverent, serious, insightful, analytical, funny, angry, passionate but never dull."

Audiomatic.in CEO Rajesh Tahil said that even though some people refer to radio as as an old medium, it will always be relevant. "That’s because it is personal and while it may not offer instant gratification, it forges relationships with listeners that are perhaps deeper than other broadcast media," he said.

The platform already features a show by journalists Padmaparna Ghosh and Samanth Subramanian that mixes in culture, science and history. A food podcast by journalist Vikram Doctor is also on the cards.