Devang Dholakia's failed Carry On-style sex farce is aimed at Sunny Leone devotees in general and Gujaratis in particular. It would have worked far better on the stage but has been mounted as a 144-minute film to exploit the former porn star's scandalous image and present the ultimate Gujarati male fantasy: Sunny Leone dancing garba in a Gujarati-style sari ‒ and then stripping.

Praveen Patel (Ram Kapoor) is a deeply disatisfied Gujarati grocery owner store in Kuala Lumpur. His wife prefers the chants of religious hyms to his endearments. His son has an enviably low-witted swimwear model-type girlfriend. Praveen Patel has no other interest in the world than to gaze upon photos and videos of oomphy Bollywood star Shanaya (Leone). Since Ram Kapoor insists on vocalising every emotion and straining his vocal chords to the maximum permissible limit, every one of Praveen Patel's actions is rather loud.

More high decibels ensue when, after a series of events more convoluted than the most convoluted Kama Sutra position, Shanaya comes to live in Praveen's house. He has managed to temporarily send away his wife since he is pretending to be single, and has also persuaded his son and girlfriend to pose as his aged parents. Of course, Shanaya, despite her tendency to wear clothes that allow viewers to measure her curvature with their bare eyes, turns out to be a good soul. How dare you assume that I am a woman of easy virtue just because I act in films, she admonishes Praveen, who can barely keep his eyes from straying below her neck.

This line is also aimed at Leone detractors, who are sceptical of the one-time porn actor's attempts to reinvent her image in Bollywood. Leone gyrates and pouts with more vigour than in her recent release, Ek Paheli Leela, but she still cannot act. Besides, the only reason she is in the movie is to provide an excuse for suggestive dialogue, dance sequences involving violent chest thrusts and and hip shakes, and revealing costumes. Like Praveen Patel, Dholakia too, is not interested in much else. The writing is risible, the acting sub-par and the whole premise too ineptly handled to be offensive.