The serene Vembanad backwaters in Kerala. The deliciously empty beach at Velas, in Maharashtra's Raigad district. The Baavan-Chhatri temple in Rajasthan's Kumbhalgarh Fort. So many sights to visit, so little time.

Enter Google’s Street View, which makes this and more possible from the comfort of your home. The feature, which offers panoramic views of many streets in the world, made its way to India in 2011.  Since then, Google cameras mounted mostly on cars, but sometimes also on trekkers, tricycles, boats, snowmobiles, camels, and underwater apparatus, have been clicking photographs across the country.

While virtual journeys are no substitute for real-life travel, Google’s map engine does provide vicarious thrills by throwing up dazzling snapshots of streets and monuments. In fact, there's so much to see on the site, you could spend days glued to your screen.

Luckily, a tumblr called indiastreetview, inspired by the UK website Oessa, which collects images from around the world on Google’s Street View, is helping put together a fine selection of Google Street View's best Indian images.

Here are some of them.

View from the ancient Leh Palace.

Murudeshwara, Karnataka.

Chitradurga, Karnataka.

Bhakt Singh Palace, Rajasthan.

Delhi Metro exhibit at National Science Center, Delhi.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Chitradurga, Karnataka.

Vadatalav, Gujarat.