Above the fold: Top stories of the day
1. Patel Hardik Patel wants to start a nationwide agitation to demand reservations for an umbrella of communities from Gujjars to Jats.
2. Massive crowds came out for the funeral of a Patel man allegedly killed by the Gujarat police in the state riots last week.
3. Killed by an unknown assailant, Karnataka writer MM Kalburgi often had right-wing groups taking exception to his views.

The Big Story: Land ahoy!
After a bruising eight-month long battle with the Opposition, the Modi government conceded defeat on the land acquisition bill.  In his monthly radio address on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the land ordinance would be allowed to lapse, restoring the situation that had prevailed before the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power last year.  Land acquisition would now be carried out under the 2013 law passed by the Manmohan Singh government.

In his address, Modi blamed the opposition from spreading rumours about the law that painted it as anti-farmer. This connect to the upcoming Bihar elections, where a negative buzz about the legislation could significantly affect the BJP’s prospects.

Modi’s announcement comes weeks after his government failed to push its proposed amendments to the land law in the monsoon session of Parliament. The government was hamstrung by a combative Opposition and its lack of a majority in the Rajya Sabha. Even its own allies such as the Akali Dal or the Shiv Sena were reluctant to pass the bill.

The Big Scroll: Scroll.in on the day’s biggest stories
Narendra Modi tried to please industry instead of farmers and now nobody's happy. But Modi’s hand may have been forced by the upcoming elections in Bihar.

The land bill isn’t a one-off case: from defending a rape-accused minister to ensuring the 1962 war report remains classified, the BJP seems to share the Congress' propensity for the flip-flop.

Politicking and Policying
1. The Modi government is in favour of granting Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh.
2. The Swabhiman rally was the first big show of unity between the Janata Dal (United), the Rashtriya Janata Dal and Congress for the upcoming Bihar elections.
3. India will only talk to Pakistan if the latter stops border firing.

1. In the Hindu, G Sampath discusses why is every Indian not equally involved in the Prime Minister’s project of "moving the country ahead".
2. In the Business Standard, Mihir Sharma lays out a strategy as to how India can benefit from China’s weak economic health now.
3. Syamal Banerjee discusses how political bargaining for reservations has now reached absurd lengths

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