Somehow Prime Minister Narendra Modi's name always becomes the focus when it comes to meeting the United States President Barack Obama. Last time, it was a controversy about an expensive suit embroidered with strings of his name, on other occasions it has become a story about who exactly signs his name on various visitors books on his behalf. This time, the controversy had to do with the the national flag that he apparently autographed as a gift and souvenir for Obama.

While visiting the United States for a two-day trip, Modi apparently signed the flag on Thursday which was meant to be presented to President Obama through Michelin Star chef Vikas Khanna who was vested with the responsibility of showcasing the best of Indian cuisine during the prime minister's meeting with 40 top executives from the US.

The very fact that the flag had allegedly been signed on made many on social media quickly spring to action and point out that Modi’s act violated section V of the Indian Flag Code which specifies that “lettering of any kind shall not be put upon the flag.”

And, of course, everyone had something to say and views to tweet. As the controversy raged on Twitter, reports suggested that the flag was taken back from the celebrity chef at the behest of Indian authorities who were made aware about the violation of the Flag Code.

But by then it was not just about the flag code. Here's a selection.












On the World Yoga Day celebrations in June earlier this year, a similar controversy had briefly erupted when Modi was allegedly seen wiping his face with the national flag.

Even as trolling and jibes continued through Friday on what was seen as a non-issue by many, some actually made the point that this could be an opportune moment to amend the codes laid down for national symbols to make them more liberal and grounded in reality.