Bihar Member of Parliament Giriraj Singh doesn't have a reputation for being a nuanced political commentator. Earlier this year, the Bharatiya Janta Party MP made a racist barb about Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Last year, he suggested that critics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be be shipped off to Pakistan. On Friday, Singh once again made news with a comment on the controversy over beef. This time, however, Singh's comments were not objectionable – they were just puzzling.

According to ABP, Singh said, "Gaye ke maans aur bakre ke maas mein vahi antar aur jo patni aur behan se rishtey mein hota hai," which roughly means: "The difference between cow meat and goat meat is the same as the difference in the relationship with your wife with your sister."

It was unclear what Singh might have meant or even what he was referring to. Earlier that day news reports had confirmed that the meat in the fridge of Mohammed Akhlaq, the man man who was lynched last Monday on rumours that he'd stored beef at home, was actually mutton. The newspapers had also reported on one of Singh's fellow BJP leaders, Sangeet Som, having purchased land for a meat processing unit in 2009, although the piece didn't clarify whether that meat was mutton, beef or some other kind of flesh.

Twitter had a go at figuring out what Singh was trying to say.