This boardroom-bedroom drama reserves its erotic appeal for its songs, in which the four leads writhe on sheets (different ones) and gasp and moan with obviously faked pleasure. The rest of the movie is a formulaic and deeply overstretched tale of passion, betrayal and revenge. Aditya (Sharman Joshi) has it all – a business empire, a loving wife, Sia (Zarine Khan) and a healthy sex life. Good things are never meant to last, and trouble shows up in the form of Saurav (Karan Singh Grover), who makes Aditya an indecent proposal: I will make you even richer if you give me your wife for one night.

Saurav is playing at something bigger, Sia warns, and he sure is. The unfolding game of moves and counter-moves involves Daisy Shah’s unfortunately named Kaya, who is Aditya’s loyal assistant and the person he deputes to unlock Saurav’s dark secrets. There simply isn’t enough here for 131 minutes. Sharman Joshi looks pained throughout at the prospect of having to profess undying love for Zarine Khan, deal with Daisy Shah’s incompetence, and pretend that Grover is a dastardly villain.

The songs are available on YouTube, and perhaps a movie of this flimsiness belongs there too.