Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to go all out to welcome French President Francois Hollande to India. After all Hollande is the guest of honour at India's Republic Day, a privilege only a few heads of state get to experience. But Modi chose an odd way to do that by taking Hollande to Chandigarh, a city where apparently there was nothing else to show the French premier other than the airport and the city's unique, albeit not terribly exciting, rock garden.

But the Indian prime minister decided to make up for that by still offering the sort-of photo-based hilarity that we have come to expect from him when dealing with the rest of the world, whether it involves a monogrammed suit or walking around terracotta warriors in China.

Modi has something of a history in awkward interactions with foreign heads of state, from backslaps to ignored handshakes, and now there's a whole new addition to the list. This picture of Modi and Hollande from Chandigarh's Rock Garden has to be seen to be believed, and Twitter thoroughly enjoyed seeing and believing.