A look back at the past six days.

Let’s get a few things straight about the Vijay Mallya saga

In the entire hullabaloo over the baron's flight, we are forgetting the coop that nurtured him. Read more here.

Sly insinuations, leaked photos: A desperate hunt for skeletons in Kanhaiya Kumar's closet

In the last week, Kanhaiya has faced death threats, physical attacks and conspiracy theories from his detractors. Read more here.

Seven reasons why Parliament should debate the Aadhaar bill (and not pass it in a rush)

Critics say the Aadhaar Bill does not address concerns over privacy, even as government is rushing the Bill without adequate parliamentary scrutiny. Read more here.

Misrule of law: From smashed bottles to Vijay Mallya and Sri Sri to sedition

The foolish, vindictive and selective use of the legal system is seriously undermining Indian democracy. Read more here.

History lesson: How 'Bharat Mata' became the code word for a theocratic Hindu state

Not only does it embody a Hindutva imagination of India, it categorises Muslims as a group who are unable to partake of this form of patriotism. Read more here.

Next on the checklist: Why ABVP desperately wants to gain entry into TISS...

... and why it has failed so far. Read more here.