A look back at the past six days.

From #ModiSlapsChina to an Uyghur U-turn: Modi caves to pressure from Beijing

Wasn't the visa to Dolkun Isa supposed to be retaliation for Masood Azhar? Read more here.

Muslim man converts to Hinduism in the hope that UP will finally issue him an arms licence

Furqan Ahmad, who has been trying to get a weapon permit for the past six years, says UP discriminates against Muslims.Read more here.

In India, animal lovers feeding strays are being met by incredible hate.

Strays are widely seen as a 'menace', as also those who look after the animals.Read more here.

Gitanjali Rao and the art of taking selfies with idols who are dead and gone

What would be it be like to hang out with your departed heroes? An animator and filmmaker’s ‘Wish Fulfilment Selfie’ series finds out.Read more here.

Sex and sedition: What the JNU dossier tells us about the right-wing imagination

The report compiled by 11 teachers about activities on the campus is both sinister and side-splittingly silly.Read more here.