A look back at the past six days.

India’s entitled millennials aren’t the urban poor – they just suffer from poor judgement

The inability to afford a Rs 300 sandwich doesn't make you a member of the urban poor. Read more here.

The strange case of a wilful defaulter whose promoter flaunted his proximity to the prime minister

Loans given by the Bank of Maharashtra have been called into question. Read more here.

Remembering Safia Manto, the woman who stood by the writer in good times – and the many bad ones

Nandita Das pays tribute to the wife of the great writer on her birth centenary. Read more here.

At Kolkata's Jadavpur University, fears that the BJP is planning 'another JNU'

Students march to protest campus violence following an unauthorised film screening.Read more here.

The cow’s piggy banks: A cash collection racket in the name of cow protection in Haryana

Donation boxes have sprung up across the state to milk the veneration of cows.Read more here.