Let’s rewind the last week.

CNN’s Believer: Reza Aslan’s show on Hindu mendicants is bigoted no matter how you look at it

The author and TV host has been criticised for his feature on India’s Aghoris. Read more here.

TVF case: What are the legal implications of using social media to allege sexual harassment?

More and more women are using social media platforms to speak out against sexual abuse. What are the pros and cons of this strategy? Read more here.

The ‘fatwa’ against Assam singer Nahid Afrin that never was

While there was a pamphlet campaign to shut down the event at which the 16-year-old was to perform, a top Assam cleric says there is no fatwa against it. Read more here.

One-party rule: With the BJP’s massive win in UP, is Modi set to be the new Nehru?

The Gujarati leader isn’t independent India’s most popular politician – yet. But he soon will be. Read more here.

Why does Pakistan’s horror pulp fiction stereotype Hindus?

Pakistani pulp fiction often portrays Hindu characters as evil demons and Muslims as heroes. Read more here.