Days after former Assamese actor Angoorlata Deka was elected to the state assembly on a Bharatiya Janata Party ticket, the internet was flooded with photographs and headlines about her.

“Meet First Time BJP MLA Angoorlata Deka Who Is Famous in Assam for Her Beauty,” announced one headline. Said another: “In pics: Angurlata Deka a new beauty sensation in politics."

The objectification was amplified on social media, sometimes with the help of fake pictures.

Film-maker Ram Gopal Varma echoed the sexism with this tweet that garnered nearly 1,700 likes.

This came days after a similar row.

On May 20, published a listicle headlined “10 Most Beautiful Female IAS and IPS officers in India”, featuring IPS officer Merin Joseph. Currently posted as assistant superintendent of police in Munnar, Kerala, Joseph responded to the objectification immediately.

The officer’s critique resounded on social media. Joseph’s Facebook followers were grateful that she took a stand against the everyday sexism.

“Thank you for speaking out Ms. Joseph,” read a comment. “The article has now been removed. Thank you for sending the message that this rubbish will not be tolerated.”

Similarly, several people came forward to fight the sexism against Angoorlata Deka. #SaySorryRGV also trended.

Even after the outrage, Varma didn't seem to understand his error.

Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi had recently promised a line of defence against sexist trolling. In a proposed code for online behaviour, the minister said, trolling of women will be classified as violence.