The Hindu Sena has a special fondness for Donald Trump, the presumptive American presidential candidate. Last month the right-wing group held a hawan at Jantar Mantar in Delhi to express its “love for Trump” and to pray for the businessman’s victory in the US elections. “Donald Trump aayega, Islamic aatankvaad khatam hoga,” its activists chanted. Donald Trump will come, Islamic terror will end.

On Tuesday, it lavished more affection on Trump on his 70th birthday with a three-tier cake, saffron and blue balloons, and festive cheer. With a poster of a gun-wielding Trump in the background, 20-odd members of the Hindu Sena merrily sang Happy Birthday. The open invite to the birthday bash read: “Join us and let’s celebrate the birthday of the saviour of humanity, the Republican Presidential Nominee of the United States of America.”

Vishnu Gupta, the national president of the Hindu Sena, told the Indian Express that “Donald Trump is speaking the entire world’s Mann ki Baat against Islamic terror and we support it”.

Throughout his campaign, Muslim-bashing has been one of Trump’s calling cards. He has even called for a ban on Muslims entering America until the authorities can “find out what’s going on”.

It is a stand that appeals to the Hindu Sena and its president Vishnu Gupta. He said the Bharatiya Janata Party “used to speak against Islamic terror, but after coming to power it has also become a secular party”.

The celebrations were documented real-time by journalists and press photographers. Twitter too put on a party hat and sent its funniest wishes.