A look back at the past seven days.

Not Big Bazaar or Reliance Retail – India's most profitable retail chain is run by its armed forces

Defence canteens sell a wide range of goods and lower-than-market rates and yet, their profits in 2014-15 were much higher than that of big private chains. Read more here.

#SeditionThis: Why I believe Pakistanis are the most gracious people in the world

A mother’s wish to see her childhood home led to a journey of a lifetime into what many in India consider to be enemy land. Read more here.

House-hunting in Singapore: ‘Sorry, your wife is Indian, the landlord won’t rent to you’

South Asians and people from China often face a distinct lack of enthusiasm from landlords in the city-state. Read more here.

X@#*@! Why Indian restaurants are yelling back at negative online reviewers

The online disinhibition effect allows reviewers to write whatever they want. Now restaurateurs are hitting back. Read more here.

The story of Amrita Pritam’s final love poem

August 31 was the Punjabi poet’s 97th birth anniversary. Read more here.