On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation through the 24th instalment of his radio show, Mann Ki Baat. On the second year anniversary of the monthly programme, aired on All India Radio in several languages, Modi promised to punish the perpetrators of the militant attack at an Army base in Uri that killed 18 soldiers.

"We have faith in our soldiers," Modi said. "For us citizens, political leaders, there are many opportunities to talk and we do talk. But the Army doesn't talk. They speak through their valour."

Modi also paid tribute to the 18 soldiers who lost their lives in the attack.

In the midst of his speech, the prime minister spoke of a letter he had received from a young boy named Harshvardhan:

"A few days back, a Class XI student, Harshvardhan, put before me a different thought," Modi said. "He wrote that he was very disturbed after the Uri attack and felt a strong urge to do something, but was unable to find a way and decide because what could a young student like him do.”

According to the prime minister, Harshvardhan found a way to sublimate his rage – by vowing to study three extra hours every day, and becoming an "able citizen".

“Bhai Harshvardhan, it is a matter of happiness for me that at such a tender age, you can think in such a healthy manner in an atmosphere of such anger," Modi said, adding that Harshvardhan's anger was at the heart of every Indian citizen. "This is a symbol of national consciousness. This anger also shows a resolve to do something."

Listeners of Mann Ki Baat took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the prime minister's favourite student:

Last week, US President Barack Obama had shared a letter with world leaders, gathered to discuss the global refugee crisis. The letter was allegedly written by a six-year-old named Alex, who advised Obama to end the refugee crisis

Modi's mention of the unidentified Harshvardhan was in similar vein.

A Twitter thread extrapolated Harshvardhan's status as a "good citizen" of the nation.

A few social media users were confused about the identity of Harshvardhan.

The real Harshvardhan is yet to respond. Recent events suggest he may be busy studying.