Let's look back at the past week.

My name is Khan: Inter-religious marriages still draw questions and incredulity in India

Many assume I am Muslim as I have a Muslim surname. It says as much about them as it does about our deeply entrenched patriarchal mindset. Read more here.

Lest we forget: What five eminent Sikhs and a former prime minister witnessed during the 1984 riots

As Sikhs were being massacred in Delhi after Indira Gandhi’s assassination, Zail Singh stood by helplessly, Home Minister Narasimha Rao played cool. Read more here.

When did the killing of men whose guilt had not been proved become a matter of national pride?

The SIMI jailbreak in Bhopal and the subsequent encounter must go through inquiries insulated from political pressures on either side. Read more here.

'If Lord Hanuman can get an Aadhaar number, why can't a Pakistani spy?'

Days after claiming to have uncovered an espionage network, Delhi Police says it is yet to get a response from the Unique Identification Authority of India. Read more here.

The phenomenon called Arnab Goswami is a caricature of our worst selves

On television, he is all of us, clamouring for more of us. He is the metaphor of the time, because he enacts the majoritarian Indian every day. Read more here.