Let’s rewind the past week.

‘Many TV studios are again playing the role of a lynch mob’: Umar Khalid’s open letter to the media

The Jawaharlal Nehru University scholar details how he continues to receive daily death threats a year after unsubstantiated charges were leveled against him. Read more here.

Will Arundhati Roy’s new novel change the course of Indian writing in English again?

‘The God of Small Things’ sparked a whole new literature. What will ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ bring? Read more here.

50 years ago today, Indira Gandhi got the Indian Air Force to bomb its own people

The attempt to quell an uprising left deep scars on the collective memory of Mizoram, and led to an insurgency that lasted 20 years. Read more here.

Uber and its CEO increasingly appear more like entitled jerks than brave upstarts, but...

I’ll continue using Uber while they are effectively paying me to do it. Whether I will pay them to do it is a different issue. Read more here.

It takes hard work to get through Harvard – and it’s dangerous for Modi to imply otherwise

In an era of unprecedented international competition, our government should look to learn from top universities, instead of dismissing them. Read more here.