Let’s rewind the past week.

Footballer to stone-pelter: What made Afshan Ashiq, the woman in blue, pick up that rock?

Afshan Ashiq is a talented footballer and the first woman in Kashmir to mentor both boys and girls in the sport. Yet, in the past fortnight, she has received a different tag – stone-pelter. What made this 21-year-old, who abhors violence and “wants to play for India”, pick up that rock? Read more here.

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Gujarat riot victim Bilkis Bano moved 20 homes in 15 years but never lost her faith in justice

The years since 2002 were punctuated by struggles for Bilkis Bano’s family. Her husband Yakub Rasool Khan had to find new jobs each time they moved. Bano, unlettered and raising young children, wished she had studied so she could help him. Read more here.

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‘We’re doing social work’: The twists and turns in the lives of Bengaluru’s roadside dentists

“Now you can eat as much mutton biryani as you want, but don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day,” Allah Baksh told Amina Biwi. Baksh is one of the many “dentists” who run open-air clinics under the KR Market flyover. A set of dentures here costs Rs 500 and a single tooth Rs 50. Read more here.

So how did that demonetisation thing work out for you?

It’s been six months since demonetisation. It worked out very well for the ruling BJP – the resounding victory in several state elections in March is proof of that. And it turned out okay for the corrupt and rich that the exercise was supposed to target. Read more here.

Remembering the freedom fighter who grafted animal testicles onto humans to help build India

Dr Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari was a Congress leader, a companion of Gandhi and an icon of the Khilafat movement. He was also a medical practitioner who conducted hundreds of surgeries where he grafted animal testicles on to human beings to heal their mental, physical and sexual troubles. Read more here.