Indians are in dire need of a vacation!

They are the fifth-most vacation-deprived people in the world, according to a survey by travel bookings platform Expedia. The online survey conducted in September polled 15,081 respondents across 30 countries.

The desperation to get just one extra day of leave is so high that, in exchange for it, Indians are willing to give up sex, alcohol, desserts, coffee, and...even the internet. For an entire week!

Indians had fewer holidays this year – 20 compared to 21 in 2016 – the survey noted. So, respondents feel they deserve 14.5 vacation days more than they have now.

But the reason they get fewer holidays lies within. Nearly half the Indians surveyed chose not to take vacations as they preferred saving up their leaves for future emergencies, among other reasons.

Work, work, work

Indians, more than people from any other country, avoid vacationing for the fear of being perceived negatively by employers and colleagues. They’re also concerned that important work decisions will be made in their absence, the survey found.

Around 57% of Indians decide the length of a trip on the basis of the workload they expect on their return. Also, around 67% of them cancelled or postponed vacation plans due to work, the survey showed.

But just because they sacrificed holidays to be present in office doesn’t stop them from thinking about vacations while at work. Around 60% of the respondents spent time dreaming about or planning vacations while in office.

The opportunity to take holidays has become an important factor when Indians are choosing their next job, the survey said. Up to 87% of them considered the number of vacation days as an important factor while taking up a new job. It’s another matter that those holidays don’t always get used up.

This article first appeared on Quartz.