Jurassic Park theme

John Williams


For the first few years of my life, New Year’s eves were spent watching Bollywood award shows, eating bright orange cheese balls and cutting a small cake at midnight with my family. One year, however, we ditched Shah Rukh Khan welcoming us to another year to watch a VHS tape my father had rented. The film was Jurassic Park.

To say that movie sparked an obsession with the “terrible lizards” would be an understatement. My sister and I watched it in near complete silence, never realising that it was past midnight and well into the new year. When the film ended and John Williams’ uplifting – and now iconic – score started playing, we finally wished each other a happy new year. We stayed up a little longer trying to figure out whether my mother was the Brontosaurus or the T-rex, and eating cake. When we went to bed, the Jurassic Park theme was still playing in our heads – where it has remained ever since.