Don’t Stop Believing



Long before it was popularised among millenials by the American musical TV show Glee, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing found its way into my playlist and has had a permanent place there since.

Even though the dawn of the next year is an inevitability, it is marked as a momentous occasion each time, as though we are surprised the Earth made it through one more 365-day journey. That we celebrate a routine event with such enthusiasm is what makes us human: the New Year gives us a chance to reset our lives with the calendar.

TThis optimism is more important than ever before today, when the world is facing immense political, social and environmental pressures. It’s also that much harder to hold on to, when there is so much natural and man-made destruction all around.

When it seems hard to summon positivity, in these bleak times, the simple advice that Journey offered back in 1981 holds fresh relevance: Don’t Stop Believing. There is hope still.