Weekend reads

  1.   Late-night research, isolation and a strict, male-dominated hierarchy are the perfect conditions for sexual harassment. With colleges struggling to enforce conduct codes, David Batty and Nicola Davis in the Guardian discuss what can be done to counter sexism in science departments.   
  2. Last week’s judgment by the Supreme Court asserting the primacy of the elected government of Delhi over the office of the lieutenant governor will enhance the image of the Aam Aadmi Party among the poor of the city, argues Sanjay Kumar in Indian Express. 
  3. Nowhere does the Quran give carte blanche for Muslim men to indulge in polygamy. Forgetting or ignoring the conditions the Quran laid down, men continued these practices, says Rana Safvi in Hindustan Times. 
  4. On his new album, Kamasi Washington further affirms that he can reach deep into the rich legacy of the jazz genre and yet also inject his music with his own creative imagination.   
  5. There is an urgent need to devise a non-profit, financially sustainable model for delivering quality healthcare, writes Ajit Yadav in BusinessLine. 
  6.   A nation of suit-wearing salarymen educates its first generation of stay-at-home dads, reports Amy Westervelt  from Japan in topic.com. 
  7.   We’re eating alone more often than in any previous generation. But why should a meal on our own be uninspired? Why shouldn’t the French saying “life is too short to drink bad wine” still apply?   
  8.   With his unconventional take on children’s television, Fred Rogers helped redefine the male role model. Soraya Roberts in Hazlitt writes on a man who became a television phenomenon in the 1960s.   
  9. Reagan Louie travels to the Disneyland in China and produces this photo essay in The New York Times on how an American creation is weaving its magic in the Communist nation. 
  10.   It’s often a sign of progress when people change their minds. But it can also be unsettling, even eerie. Corey Robin in Jacobin on the growing acceptance of socialist ideas in the United States following the Bernie Sanders campaign of 2016.