Comedy collective All India Bakchod released a statement stating they will make their videos featuring stand-up comedian Utsav Chakraborty unavailable for public viewing till an investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment yield any result.

“The accusations describe a pattern of behaviour that is unacceptable, and we at AIB [All India Bakchod] condemn Utsav’s alleged behaviour,” the statement said.

On YouTube, Chakraborty has been a prominent part of All India Bakchod’s Honest Engineering Campus Placements videos. Additionally, he was part of the writing team of the comedy-talk show Son of Abish which is hosted by Abish Mathew, a frequent contributor to All India Bakchod. According to a clarification by the group, Chakraborty had stopped being a part of it since the end of 2016.

The can of worms was opened by a Mumbai-based writer when she responded to one of Chakraborty’s tweets where he called out the employees of an Indian tobacco company for running aboard a cruise ship and creating havoc.

The Mumbai Police responded to the allegations, saying that they will be looking into the matter immediately. The accusations involve stories from survivors including one where Chakraborty tried to flirt with a 17-year-old girl.

Chakraborty did not respond to’s request for a response but posted on Twitter, saying that while not discrediting anyone, he would like to provide context to the allegations in the near future.

According to the allegations, Chakraborty had either sent sexually explicit photos to women or requested their nude photos from them. His modus operandi, according to the allegations, seemed to be sending vulgar images through Snapchat, a messaging app where images get automatically deleted as soon as the intended viewer of a photo sees them.

From the stand-up community, comedian Ashish Dash alleged that Chakraborty misbehaved with his girlfriend.

A few stand-up comedians condemned Chakraborty and expressed disgust at the culture of harassment bubbling underneath the stand-up comedy circle.

Some Twitter users insinuated that All India Bakchod, which frequently featured Chakraborty and worked with him, knew about the comedian’s behaviour with women. Some dug up old tweets of All India Bakchod members to target the group.

In the middle of this, an old tweet cropped up on Twitter where Chakraborty alleged that a fellow male stand-up comedian has been “insidiously misogynist”.