White people make fun of desis all the time but it is usually silly, sometimes even racist – “I love the way Indian people shake their head, is that a yes or a no?” or “do you eat curry all the time?” and my personal favourite, “how come you speak such good English?” But this video, which made news in India and was accused by many (who had probably not watched it) of being racist, is actually quite funny.

When Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, picks on desperate desi guys on the internet with such savvy (“Bobs and Vagene” anyone?), you know why he is the world’s number one YouTuber (T-Series is a conglomerate, not a person, by the way). In the video above, the Swede tears into popular Indian TV serials such as Kasam Se, prompting a Twitter rant by television producer Ekta Kapoor that was pretty funny too but not half as hilarious as PewDiePie’s take on her shows.