The world’s most followed YouTuber PewDiePie and television producer Ekta Kapoor are back to warring on social media, with PewDiePie posting a video (above) titled, “She’s angry because I made fun of her...” about Kapoor, mocking her TV shows before moving on to trawl through Indian Facebook and Twitter accounts and make jokes about “Indian people Facebook.”

The showdown began when the YouTube sensation, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, posted a screenshot on Twitter of a grainy video of the title track of the television show Kasam Se that had been uploaded to YouTube with the descriptor “good quality.” Mocking the obvious low resolution of the video, PewDiePie stressed on the “good quality”, using it as his caption.

Kapoor responded to the tweet questioning who he was and comparing him to a “firang” junior artist from Colaba whom she would hire to “create Paris in Arey”.

Her tweet was met with jibes by several social media users who accused the producer of being racist in her response and siding with the Swedish YouTube star, who has 62 million subscribers and mostly posts about video games, memes and sarcastic commentary. He responded a few days later with a video about Indian “culture” and Facebook users while poking fun at the high drama introductions, plot twists and character entries of Kapoor’s shows.


Kapoor followed with a stream of tweets calling him obsessed and claiming she genuinely has no idea who he is, and that she refuses to apologise for her reaction to his first tweet.

Three weeks later, PewDiePie is rekindling the social media battle with his latest video where he sarcastically says “good quality” was a compliment before ripping into some more of her shows and joking about more social media users from India. The often abrasive 28-year-old adopts an “Indian” accent and invokes Apu from the Simpsons as part of his signature offensive brand of humour through the 12-minute video. Kapoor, whose latest film Veere Di Wedding is a box office success, couldn’t resist replying once again.

Let’s hope it all ends here. The internet might not be able to handle it.