A prime minister who is accessible to the masses makes for a very popular leader. Think Narendra Modi, with his monthly radio broadcast Mann ki Baat.

Now, social media celebrity and former radio jockey Hoezaay’s take on Modi’s Mann ki BaatAsk Modi Anything, which is part of the PeeingHuman seriesmakes for just as popular and fun viewing. In this slyly edited video, Hoezaay asks the prime minister why Brazilian funk carioca artist MC Fioti’s song Bum Bum Tam Tam repeats the same words over and over again.

Modi, in storytelling fashion, uses the analogy of a broken gramophone to “explain”: “Sometimes a pin gets stuck on the gramophone record and it repeats the same part of the song over and over again. The same way, there are some people ‘whose pin gets stuck’ and their mind gets stuck on one thing. Aapko iska maja lena chahiye. Tension mat lijiye [You must enjoy it. Don’t stress about it].”

Hoezaay appears satisfied with the prime minister’s answer.