Halfway into January 2019, there are already two major social media trends. One is the picture of an egg that has more Instagram likes than billionaire reality TV star Kylie Jenner. And the other is the first social media challenge of the year: The “ten year challenge”.

Essentially, the challenge is to post pictures of what you look like now, compared to a photo from 10 years. It is unclear how and where this challenge began, but it has driven people down memory lane

But while the initial posts were full of nostalgia, or cringing at awkward photos from 10 years ago, others users online quickly began adding humour or more pointed posts.

Not everyone’s had as good a time in the last 10 years.

Some brands also jumped on board:

This man from South Africa did a ten year challenge post in quite a unique way.

Here’s one Chennai Super Kings fan flaunting the achievements of his favourite team over the last ten years.

After former India captain MS Dhoni contributed significantly to the ODI win over Australia on Wednesday, the International Cricket Council took to Twitter to praise him with a #10YearChallenge post.

Here’s an example of how ageing does not show on everyone.

And while no one is thinking about the climate, here’s one person from England attempting to draw our attention to the melting glaciers.

A Florida resident is clearly not happy with the political developments in the US over the last ten years.

Caitlyn Jenner took to Instagram to post a picture from the time before she underwent a gender-confirmation surgery.

Some people claim they are just a shinier version of themselves from ten years ago.