Want success on dating apps in India? Men, please study hard, and women, work on clicking a great selfie.

Over 85% of Indian women find a man’s education as the biggest turn-on while looking for a match on the dating app Tinder. 86% of Indian men believe a good profile picture does it for them.

The findings are based on a survey of 1,500 single Indians from seven cities, across the age group of 18-34 years. Common interests and hobbies are some other factors that could ensure a right swipe, the survey showed.

Once they match, young Indians don’t really care about age-old dating wisdom like playing hard to get or men footing the bill. About 50% of young Indians in the survey said they don’t care who organises the first date or follows up on it.

And if the first date turns out to be good, most survey participants said they let the other partner know within a day. Again, it doesn’t matter to youngsters if the woman takes the lead here or the man.

Even as young Indians have moved beyond traditional roles in the dating game, at least 20% still like the conventional hand-written love letter to express their feelings. WhatsApp, however, is their favourite at such times.

Also, there are signs that can indicate if the first date went well or not.

Over 60% respondents in the survey said they have “played it cool” with someone they’re not interested in, while 60% said they continue to message, but not meet.

This article first appeared on Quartz.