Pakistani fighter jets violated Indian air space in Jammu and Kashmir on February 27, but were pushed back by the Indian Air Force, the Indian government claimed. Pakistani media, however, claimed that Indian fighter planes violated the country’s air space and were shot down by the Pakistan Air Force. It has been broadcasting the news of shooting down of Indian Air Force jets and local news channel ARY News flashed a photograph of a crashed aircraft. This was pointed out by Twitter user Sachin Singh.

Another news organisation, Grassland Times, ran the same image.

2016 image of fighter plane crash in Jodhpur

The image flashed by ARY News dates back to 2016 when a MiG-27 fighter plane crashed into a building in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur. This too was pointed out by Sachin Singh.

Photographs of the crashed aircraft, taken from different angles, is also available in the media. If one notices carefully, the number of the plane – TU657 – is identical.

Earlier in the day, Alt News had reported another piece of misinformation circulating on Pakistani social media. Pakistani social media users shared a video of a pilot injured in Bengaluru aero show as that of IAF pilot injured in the recent turmoil.

This article first appeared in Alt News.