Could Bappi Lahiri be a sweet? Deepika Padukone a cupcake? Vadivelu, ice cream? Sure thing, says Twitter.

On April 8, an account created a Twitter thread juxtaposing images of American pop icon Mariah Carey with whisks the colour of her clothes.

Once the thread blew up on Twitter, several users began creating similar threads. In India, a thread featuring Bappi Lahiri in his multicoloured outfits alongside equally flashy Indian sweets went viral.

Someone did a similar thread with Tamil comedian and actor Vadivelu and Indian ice cream bars.

The idea is not, however, new. A 2015 Twitter account from India simply existed to reimagine Deepika Padukone as a cupcake.

Here are some other examples of international celebrities whom Twitter fondly compared to just about anything. Starting with the most morbid, here’s Beyonce.

A great many celebrities somehow found themselves resembling snacks. So, Hollywood heartthrob Henry Cavill became Pringles potato chips, Benedict Cumberbatch became Doritos tortilla chips, and Chris Evans got donuts.

Music stars got some twisted variations such as these, starting with a most obvious pun.

When the joke got stale, Twitter found ways to keep the thread alive.