Indian life goals are evolving, but the means to achieve them aren’t.

From owning a big house and securing a safe government job, to overseas travel and work-life balance, millennials’ aspirations are being moulded by social media, movies, news, and celebrities, according to a recent survey by the Mumbai-based consultancy firm Kantar IMRB. The study was commissioned by Bajaj Allianz Life.

“The impact of movies is 50% higher on millennials,” said Chandramohan Mehra, chief marketing officer at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. The study was conducted across 13 metros, tier 1 and emerging tier 2 cities with up to 1,681 respondents of various age groups, socio-economic bands, and professions.

However, is it enough to only aspire?

“The entire financial ecosystem has a great role to play given the fact that while Indians are optimistic, they are inadequately prepared to accomplish the majority of their life goals,” Mehra said.

Around 38% respondents are unsure of achieving their targets. In fact, people in metro cities are more or less confident than those in non-metros, according to the survey. Respondents in general feel they haven’t done sufficient financial planning.

Day dreams

The top goals of Indians, according to the survey are:

Comfortable retirement: This is becoming a priority among millennials, with two out of five Indians focused on it. The ratio is higher – one in two – in metro cities.

Entrepreneurship: One in 10 Indians want to start something new or pursue a parallel career, the survey showed.

Travel and better work-life balance: One in four respondents want to travel abroad or to new exotic locations. One in two seek work-life balance, pursuing their passions and leading a peaceful life.

Health and fitness: One in three respondents is focused on this as a life goal.

Philanthropy: Indians are keen on creating social impact, highlighted the survey. One in five respondents sought to give back to the society. Avenues included creating jobs, supporting another person’s dream, or teaching.

“The insights indicate how life goals are evolving, and millennials are opting for unconventional life goals,” said Tarun Chugh, managing director and CEO of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. “Furthermore, it’s interesting to note, that women are driving some of these new-age life goals like travel, health, and fitness.”

Women lead the way

Women have a significantly higher inclination towards travel, health, and fitness compared to men, according to the study.

Source: Kantar IMRB.

Where is the inspiration coming from?

Some traditional goals like funding children’s higher studies or buying a home remain on India’s mind, the survey revealed. These conventional goals are mainly influenced by family and social circles.

For new-age goals like travel and lifestyle, social media and pop culture are the driving factors.

Source: Kantar IMRB.

This article first appeared on Quartz.