1. In Caravan, Sagar on reading The Annihilation of Caste and what Hindi keeps hidden.
  2. As Chandrayaan 2 takes off, Pervez Hoodboy, writing in the Dawn, wonders what gave India such a lead on Pakistan in space exploration.
  3. In the News Minute, Charan Teja meets the Dalit women reporters of Telangana who document things that is relevant to their lives and educate fellow farmers.
  4. In Buzzfeed, Tom Gara on how to raise an extremely online parent.
  5. In the Paris Review, CJ Hauser writes a short story on calling off a wedding and studying whooping cranes.
  6. Also in Buzzfeed, Alex Kantrowitz speaks to the man who built the retweet button, and regrets it till this day.
  7. Suzy Hansen writes in the New York Times on how Turkey’s authoritarian regimes purged its intellectuals.
  8. Jonathan Watts writes in the Guardian on how deforestation in the Amazon basin is speeding the Earth toward the unrecoverable “tipping point” in climate change, and how Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro’s policy actually encourages logging.
  9. In the Indian Express, Sowmiya Ashok finds out why Chinese universities are an increasingly attractive destination for Indian medical students.
  10. Upala Sen, in this article in the Telegraph, meets a man who has become an institution in Kolkata, polishing the city’s trophies in his shop in New Market.